Dupuytrens Nodules

A Dupuytrens Nodule

What is a Dupuytren nodule?
This is a harmless lump of scar-like tissue that forms in the fascia of the hand. The fascia is a layer of tissue which lies underneath the skin and fat. See our information leaflet on Dupuytren disease.

What symptoms will it give?
Most commonly, the lump will be painless and give no symptoms. Sometimes, however, the lump is tender and painful – we think this is usually because of an inflammatory reaction in the hand around the lump. As the lump develops, the pain and tenderness will settle.

Is an operation required?
Surgery to take out lumps from the palm is not usually recommended, unless for some reason the lump is interfering with function. The trauma from the operation can stimulate the disease, so that it comes back quite quickly after an operation, and sometimes worse than it was to begin with.

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